Sunday, January 27, 2008

Victorian Mourning For Species on the Verge

of Extinction

this is the title of my work in progress... the recyked dresses will be featured in a video and if the universe is willing the lot will be part of an installation at Bumbershoot. I say part because some amazing local talents have responded to my queries and will also won't want to miss it!

Welcome to FashionRip

Restylers rip to sew, eco fashion designers use sustainable fabrics and processing, recycouture is one of a kind and usually involves hand or detail work. Recyked is anything renovated from something else.

Those who prefer vintage are fashion aware and appreciate the quality and the aesthetics of the past. The wearers of vintage have always had a stylish foot in sustainability. Thrift store and yard sale finds are great; however there really is such a thing as too much.

Anyone have other terms that they use in this sensibility? Please send them in with the definition so we can all get a nice working vocabulary. To own the language is to own the concepts and a way to maintain a viable structure that will facilitate growth. Its street up, savvy, sane and soon to be soaring as fast fashion falters by default.

Welcome and please let me know if you want to create collaborative crossings with links, pictures, tips and ideas.