Sunday, October 30, 2011

Peoples Media Arts Uprising 2012

First off, it is "Peoples Media" because there is a lot of information that needs to be set free. The research hours and accumulated data, the incredible books, articles, documentaries and the first hand stories of millions, need to be synthesized for fast distribution and consumption.

We have to turn this page of ignorant rule, to expose the false premises, explode the myths of dependency and recognize that all toys are not equal. We need to give ourselves permission to be authentic, to recognize the power in our hearts.

We need to sort the gift from the trap.

"Arts" because I trust art. Art is. It is expression. It speaks to being. Art can deliver quick messages with impact and honesty, it gets through the filters.We can recognize the humanness under the work. The techno trance needs some competition.

"Uprising" because sitting still for more abuse is ridiculous. Want to do something? Email please put ARTS in the subject line.

"2012" says the rest.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The money tool

Ellen Brown explains this whole money thing simply, because $ is simple, a tool, a chit of credit (debt). Interest is the profit When $ is extended to build local, diverse, eco sane economic systems it can be a most sustainable, healthy, intelligent means to a socially just, environmentally sound, ecosystem supportive practice. It could expand creative expressions and help the curious explore freely.

This is important to know, for deconstructing the Wall Street Ponzi scheme will enable our collective and individual human potential to bloom. Money will be a means of enabling human transactions, to extend fairly traded goods and services, not an abstract made real via derivatives and stock market hype.

Growth has hit the wall of why? When big gets too big it damages its own means of survival. This is not attractive, Bank of America -not attractive, Chase and the parasite economy- not attractive. So why continue feeding them? (deposits!)

State banks can be one way of creating local well being as they are more intent on keeping the money circulating in their communities. With more emphasis on fair profit, sustainable economics and transparent accounting; this concept has historical and international precedence, and is a viable alternative to the Wall Street Trap.

The mega banks take our money and invest where the biggest returns can be had. This has resulted in investments outside of the USA and the result has been outsourcing, loss of jobs, loss of real choices, loss of habitat and lifestyles and loss of ethical standards on almost all fronts.

Simply, not cool.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Systems Awry

Dr J G B posed for this shot last July, thank you m'dear

Is this why USA Inc is not a happy place.

The Town of Allopath is framed as a pharmabiz metaphor this is applicable to many systems built on some really wrong premises. As we get trapped and tangled up in the web of the "realities" we enable, it is easy to see how we got to "here.".

The Town of Allopath

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Economics of Happinesss

"Economics of Happiness" is a great movie on global economy and the manipulation that keeps it going in a long line of false beliefs and elitism. This is the kind of thinking that kills creativity, diversity and all manner of potential possibilities.

We made it up, we created it, we can stop it.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Choices, really?

"The idea of 'choice' is what drives us to export all the risk, disorder and poverty out of the gated community of the West and into other parts of the world, so that we can enjoy shopping. We live in a fantasy culture, a culture of comfort. We must always have choice, even if someone else has to pay for it, even if it's not really real. We're so obsessed with this that it's an article of faith with us that 'you can be anything you want to be.' This is essentially a politics of masturbation." -- M. John Harrison

I tripped over this while trying to to get down to homework. Immediately the conversation about "choices" at Revolution Books yesterday, took the stage. We discussed how in the vast array of similar products, services and skills, there is just a small boring range of all the possibilities. Limited by profit margin speak, we have become entrenched and almost buried in stuff. This is one of those weird juxtapositions that beleaguer our culture.

When i walked in i was recognized from my sustainable fashion lecture on Youtube (sweet ) that ended with the stenciled "Capitalism is Boring." Better, the same day the women of Revolution B watched the video, a young man had come into the shop and said "Capitalism is boring." Love this!!

Law of attraction or a vibration in universe that just starts humming? Paying attention to this magick is fun and rewarding. It returns that sense of wonder and joy that dropped off somewhere after becoming a "grown up." Hallelujah, it was only a plateau, one can recover.

Next surprise, a fundraiser dinner and a movie on November 10th for the bookstore. The movie: Banksy's "Exit Through the Gift Shop" yes!! Every time i stand up in a group wrapped in head to toe, protective denial, i tell them i am bringing an elephant into the room (in my head i see the Banksy elephant (graffiti-ed with non toxic face paint) It gives me grins and courage.

See you at the movies!

Friday, October 14, 2011

artists videos

Catherine M Condeff and Edit Faste videos are on Youtube.
Part of the documentary process of Species on the Verge and Other Works w/POV were the interviews. I will get to more of them soon, school and the library workshops scampered in so quickly.

Conscious Evolution

and the global crisis. for if we continue this course we all die, eventually the pollution and toxins will even get to the King on the Mountain. So what gives here?

Evolution is a labor of love, therefore conscious evolution is consciously giving love, for self, family, community, the planet, life and the living universe. "Realizing this shift from ego to essence allows us to become one with the universal self." (Barbara Marx Hubbard) This creates long term joy. This is maturing self.

Ignorance is not a good excuse and those with power need to break out of their comfort zone of old skool mindset. Please see the documentaries, read the books and expose yourself to all manner of inconvenient truths. Recognize that you are more than your egos. Recognize that your masters have limited the system in such a way that it is eating itself.

Working together for the good of the planet, the people and related ecosystems will benefit all. Seeking to satisfy ones own small desires is healthy only when recognized in balance with others of the species. Healing takes inner and outer work. The co-creative drama is about to unfold if we come to terms with our potential.

Culturally we are locked into this developmental limbo, face saving ("Lies My Teacher Told Me," Loewen) and cover ups that do not allow enough truth to escape to inform us into our best possibilities. Like in personal development, this is a stage. However we need to learn and change to successfully get out of this mess. Like individuals, the culture can mature, evolve...change. & that is really a good thing.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trust and Gratitude

This photo was taken on September 23rd a few hours into the Fall Equinox. The sun image, pisces and gemini bits were salvaged from a vintage dish towel. Most of it was too faded and torn to rescue other signs of the horoscope. I made it in early summer but it read "Autumns Equinox"
I am writing this post as a stall and a reminder to see the world through the eyes of love. Fear is tugging on my collar, but it must be an illusion. It is an illusion because the outcome i do not want is actually the outcome that tells me to open another door, so big deal. Why do i label that as fearful rather than "another kind of amazing possibility?"

So now i guess this is about the nature of things, the cycles and perceptions that feed our understanding and the spiritual and emotional health that weaves it together.

As the Autumn Equinox is about balance between the sun and the moon, light and dark, action and is a good reminder. Like the balance between love and fear, it is a calm; a space to consider the risk before opening the heart wide or just a bit.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wall Street Occupation

I received the best document of stand upness ever. I am waiting for a link and permission to post it as many places as possible. Here! soon.

My hope in the American idyllic/idealistic spirit has been rekindled. I lost it, little by little from grade school on, lies poking through the facade does that to children. So this Wall Street Occupation is hitting home, the ripping power of many hands is shredding the bulwark of BS. How was it able to take so much from so many for so long?

It's a good time to inspect our individual and cultural values. A time to decide on the world we wish to create. I know what i believe is possible and i have a feeling that there are others out there knowing that we are living in a very small range of our true potential. That said, what will the world look like when we take responsibility for our potentials and demand no less of our societies. Diversity and creativity will soar, what else? Wow.

Despite our addictions and egos we are pretty cool -in fact we learn from those things that are our problems. We are not the dis-ease, the social system is the incubator, the policies immunized us and the reign of profits, intent on "having it all" kills the very thing it needs to sustain itself. weird. Oh, that is the disease. Addictions, whacked egos are symptoms. The holes we are trying to fill are beacons and the light is going on.

We allowed for corporations to rule by a power of economics that was made up long ago based on protecting the wealth of the few from the unwashed masses. (H Zinn, Loewen links to Amazon for the reviews) One big problem- among many others -is that the ideology became so "inbred" over such a long time, constantly shrinking the pool of possibilities, that it's "dna" is warped and doomed beyond repair. (bad meme)

So Retail Redux-ion is ready for a second look. Values and resources and fashion, oh my. A little taste of the what and why, really , Why? about the stuff we buy -because it is time to reconsider.

fashionRIP Project video with footage from London Fashion Week (2010), the British History museum and airport. The Easter Island mural was the last thing i saw before boarding the plane to go home.....I get it!!! The footage of Annie Leonard from "the Story of Stuff" is used by permission. I requested permission for the music by the Sex Pistols and the commercial footage but I received no replies. Life is really fun when you pay attention to the "other."

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Urban Self Reliance

marketing is?
Series at the Seattle Public library that is maxing capacity at least for the DIY and hand sewn workshops that i am giving. This is so nice Check out calendar of events. (mine are today the 19th and the 22nd)

Other workshops may still have space and maybe they will add more workshops if you ask them, I am sure that they will appreciate your interest.

Changing the world is layered with actions that create mini catalytic energy sparks that fly off and ignite others. The more we do it collectively i figure the higher the energy or perhaps it gains density or both. No matter, we have a lot that needs changing and we each add energy to the whole, the system we feed will stay alive. AKA be mindful of of how, why, what to and where your energy goes.